Honda announces new Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is back, in black or blue.
The Valkyrie is back, in black or blue.
The Valkyrie is back, in black or blue.

Honda has confirmed they will build the F6C Valkyrie and bring it to Canada in 2014.

Honda hasn't announced an MSRP for the new F6C yet.
Honda hasn’t announced an MSRP for the new F6C yet.

Like the original Valkyrie, the new F6C is based on a Gold Wing motor and chassis. Little has changed with the powerplant – Honda developed a new exhaust, figured out a way to hang the rads on the side of the bike, and ditched the reverse gear (same as the F6B, there’s a five-speed gearbox).

The chassis, however, has been lowered. There’s a new aluminum subframe that lowers the back end of the bike, and front/rear weight bias has been changed to compensate for the bike’s lack of bodywork, and steering geometry has more rake than the other Wings. There’s 29° 50′ of rake, with 114 mm of trail. The bike has a 1,707 mm wheelbase. Honda also designed a new front wheel for the F6C, with a 130/60R19 tire (the rear 17-inch wheel has a 180/55R17 tire).

There’s dual 310 mm floating discs up front, with dual-channel ABS and opposed four-piston calipers. The rear brake has a three-piston caliper and 316 mm disc. It’ll be available in black and blue.


Bike  2014 Honda F6C Valkyrie
MSRP  n/a
Displacement  1,832 cc
Engine type  Flat six
Power (crank)*  n/a
Torque*  n/a
Tank Capacity  23.2 litres
Carburetion  EFI
Final drive  Shaft
Tires, front  130/60R19M/C (63H)
Tires, rear  180/55R17M/C (73H)
Brakes, front  Dual floating discs with four-piston calipers, ABS
Brakes, rear  Single 316 disc with three-piston caliper,
Seat height  780 mm
Wheelbase  734 mm
Wet weight*  341 kg
Colours  Black, blue
Warranty  n/a
* claimed  


  1. It’s amazing that other companies don’t call it quits trying to keep up or out pace Honda. Good job Honda . I see even Harley is going to make a 250 now hoping that we’ll meet the nicest people on a Harley. Good luck.

    • The reason Honda is able to come out with so many new models is that they’re mostly based on three or four existing platforms – the NC700 motor/chassis, the CB500 motor/chassis, the CBR250 motor/chassis (now CBR300), the Gold Wing motor/platform. Other companies are coming out with new motors, but not basing as many models off those same basic chassis/motors.

  2. wow… Man does this thing make the new Guzzi Cali custom look awesome. honda thanks for this plastic, BKing, Winnebago mash-up. something only a mother could love.

  3. As a current Valkyrie owner, all I can say is, “Too much plastic!” Oh well. Hmmm, I wonder if it can be covered up. Come on, aftermarket.

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