Video: Macau GP madness

Every year, around this time of the fall, they hold the Macau GP, with motorcycle racers tearing around the Chinese city. And every year, we run another YouTube clip that shows you just how crazy those racers are.

Check out this video of balls-to-the-wall action – literally. The course is very unforgiving, with walls on each side of the very narrow track. You won’t see competitors cutting the the corners off-course here, like the Laguna Seca Corkscrew …

By the way, the racer in this clip is Didier Grams, aboard a BMW S1000RR. The victory for this year’s motorcycle race at Macau was Ian Hutchinson, for Milwaukee Yamaha. It was Hutchinson’s first race in 18 months; he’d suffered a massive crash at Silverstone in 2010 after dominating handily at the Isle of Man earlier that year. He’s been battling health problems that have hampered his racing career ever since.


  1. Is there someone with a bum fetish who makes these videos? How about mounting the camera on the FRONT of the bike so we can see what’s going on, instead of a screenful of arse?

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