Honda working on a naked ‘Wing: Rumour

Check out gymkhana at Honda's July 15 event.
If you think Honda didn't go far enough when they stripped down the Gold Wing and made the F6B, wait for the new F6C power cruiser,
If you think Honda didn’t go far enough when they stripped down the Gold Wing and made the F6B, wait for the new F6C power cruiser,

According to Asphalt and Rubber’s spy network, Honda is working on a naked Gold Wing, known as the F6C.

Supposedly, this new bike will feature the flat six motor that powers the Gold Wing and the new-for-2013 F6B, but stuff it into a cruiser chassis with no extraneous bodywork. That’s supposed to mean a 154-lb drop in weight. At 750ish lbs, it still won’t be svelte, but when you figure that motor makes 116 ft-lbs of torque, the bike surely won’t have any trouble getting out of its own way.

Rmours have the machine based around an aluminum chassis, designed for a low seat height. The front end will be a raked-out variation on the standard Gold Wing forks. Honda is apparently doing more than just trimming away some bags, like they did with this summer’s F6B – it sounds like they’re going for the power cruiser approach.

When will this machine be launched? We’re guessing we’ll learn more at the Tokyo Motor Show, if the rumours are true.


  1. I agree about the touring version and I couldn’t restrain myself and got one. I considered the F6B but they took everything from it that I wanted in a bike except the blacked out colour. Guess what – they released 2014 touring model blacked out! Probably a good thing I got silver as the blacked out look is overdone now.

    • Maybe it’s just me but the blacked out look was a nice change but it got old quick. Like a monotone colour scheme. Still nothing more eye catching than a black bike with lots of chrome contrast. In a cruiser of course.

  2. Yes! Sounds like the new Valkyrie that those of us in the Valk community have been wishing for. We pretty much agree its the best bike we’ve ever owned. But drop in a fuel injected bigger motor and it really would be a blast. Every spring I test ride a new Wing but it still leaves me unimpressed. Too much plastic and not any faster than my 98 Valk with 120k km on it. A new Valk, however, would be very tempting.

  3. I’m with Larry on that; GL1000 + Vetter fairing.

    Didn’t they already do that, anyway, and call it the Rune. Or what was it that came before the odd styling exercise called the Rune? There was another GL powered cruiser.

    • Rob, you’re thinking of the Valkyrie, which I actually really liked in spite of its being so different from my usual choices. SWMBO still says the touring version was the most comfortable pillion seat she’s ever been on. When I was in the Black Hills last year I saw a very nice used one for sale at a Honda dealer and really had to restrain myself.

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