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fudge_feature-imageWelcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Learning the ropes

Everybody who learns how to ride a bike has to start somewhere. It’s best if that “somewhere” isn’t buried up to your front axle in a wagon, though.

Born to kill

The soundtrack on this YouTube video won’t be that interesting to most, but the concept of riding around on a dirtbike with an SKS rifle, hunting down vermin hogs for pest eradication purposes? Sounds like a good Australian vacation … talk about a country that takes redneck to a whole new level. For more details on how he sets up his bike for hunting purposes, see this other video. WARNING! If you can’t handle footage of multiple pest hogs being ruthlessly gunned down, don’t watch the video!

Group ride crackdown

TV's make-believe motorcycle gang wonders what contraband they'll load into their van next.
TV’s make-believe motorcycle gang wonders what contraband they’ll load into their van next.

Not everyone in Australia is as fun-loving as Steve Lee, though. Remember when we recently told you some Australian jurisdictions are planning to crack down on biker gangs? Well, from what we’re hearing, the crackdown is in full force in Queensland. According to one site we’ve seen, police are now asking riders to check in by a telephone hotline if they plan to go out on a ride with more than three bikes. Brilliant! That’s surely going to cut down on the amount of drugs being run around, and criminals will surely end their depredations, now that they can’t ride in groups of four. If the cops had watched Sons of Anarchy (the how-to manual of any serious motorcycle gangster, for sure), they’d know that all the illegal stuff gets carried around in a van anyway.

Source: Motorbikewriter

Getting to the bottom of things

Beware! Run a stop sign in New Mexico and you could be next.
Beware! Run a stop sign in New Mexico and you could be next.

If you think it’s rough having to report to police every time you take a group ride with more than three members, well, it could be worse.

David Eckert of New Mexico made the mistake of running a stop sign in front of a cop in his car. Then he made the mistake of clenching his butt cheeks (according to police) when he got out of the car. So naturally, they decided he must be hiding drugs up his backside, and got a warrant so they could take a look inside, so to speak. Then they went to the hospital, and kept him up all night trying to extract drugs from his rear end. In total, they had doctors conduct eight procedures, in a hospital where the warrant wasn’t valid, and after it expired. They made him crap in front of them, X-rayed him, broke out the rubber gloves for a hand search, and eventually put him under anasthetic and gave him a colonoscopy.

They found nothing. Especially after he crapped three times in front of them. Now, the hospital is billing Eckert for the procedures as well.

Friends, whatever you do in the US on a road trip, never, ever run a red light … and don’t walk funny when you get off your bike, or you may be walking funny for a long time.


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