Spy shot: 2014 Kawasaki Z1000

The 2014 Z1000 is mechanically very similar, it seems, but has new bodywork.
Here's the 2014 Z1000.
Here’s the 2014 Z1000.

Dutch motorcycle site Oliepeil has sourced this photo of what they claim is the Kawasaki Z1000.

Of course, the photo hasn’t been confirmed by Kawasaki yet, but Oliepeil says this is Team Green’s next big four-cylinder naked. Really, it’s pretty much unchanged mechanically from the existing model, but the bodywork seems to have been inspired by an Alien movie marathon. These bikes weren’t really lookers when Kawasaki started the series back in 2003, but things have certainly gone downhill since.


  1. Four goals in one game? Hell, I’d have it out in my hand!
    I’d be stroken’ it!

    What? We’re talking about that new Kawi?
    Time to put it away. Wood gone, it is so Fugly.

  2. I dont think its that bad…I kinda like it, its different for sure. Looks alot like the z800. I hope they reduced the weight though.

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