New naked bike coming from Yamaha

Yamaha’s already released the FZ-09 naked bike this year, but now they’re about to drop another scantily-clad cycle on the market.

Check out the YouTube video below from Yamaha Europe. It’s kind of weird, plugging the company’s “Dark Side of Japan” schtick, and doesn’t do much more than give us a view of a few bike parts and a rider who seems to be dressed up like an extra from a Mad Max film.

However, the video clip’s text says “Just over the horizon there’s a new kind of 2-wheeled animal heading this way. It’s provocative. It’s naked. And it’s agile.

The Dark Side of Japan is about to deliver another rude awakening to the streets of Europe.

And resistance to this unstoppable force is impossible.

Now, more than ever, sleeping bikers have a reason to rise up and ride.

So, stay tuned. Sounds like it could be interesting …


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