BC speeding suspect acquitted

Randy George Scott
Randy George Scott

Randy George Scott has been ruled not guilty in his dangerous driving case.

Scott was the suspect in the infamous YouTube video that showed a speeder hitting 300 kph on a BC highway. Police seized a motorcycle registered to Scott’s mother, saying it was used in the video, and they said Scott was the rider.

When it came to trial, though, the judge criticized their tactics, saying they’d violated Scott’s rights by seizing the bike without a warrant and not preserving it as evidence (it was sold under civil forfeiture rules). Then he said the Crown hadn’t proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Scott was the rider in the video. So, Scott walked, instead of serving time. He faced up to five years in prison if convicted.

However, unless there’s some legal action afoot we haven’t heard about, Scott’s mother won’t be getting the motorcycle back, as that machine is long gone, sold for around $5,000.

Here’s one last look at that speeding video …


  1. That puke deserve to be convicted. If I do that I will not involve families driving down the road. Whats wrong in going to an empty or abandoned area. What a douche.

  2. I’m wondering on what basis they were able to seize and sell the bike under civil forfeiture laws. I thought that in this country you had to convict someone before you could seize their property which was used in the commission of a crime, or purchased with the proceeds of crime. Or did the Conservatives (or the Liberals before them) manage to move us a little close to the insanity of “War on Drugs” asset forfeiture laws in the US while I wasn’t looking?

  3. wait, what. You mean you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? When did that start? I thought the police could just act as judge and jury.

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