New Hondas en route?

Check out gymkhana at Honda's July 15 event.

Last week, we told you it seemed like Honda was about to release a CBR300. Now, we’re hearing rumours there’s more en route.

Reports from Tokyo seem to indicate there’s a new endurance racing-inspired CB1300 Super Bol D’Or coming out; since we already don’t get the CB1300 in Canada, we’re betting the new bike won’t get here either.

Honda’s also supposedly working on a scaled-down version of that super naked, called the CB400, and a CB400 Bol D’Or is also supposed to be in the works. These bikes have what appears to be an oil-cooled inline-four, and styling that harkens back to the original CB400F. And, there’s a new 50 cc scooter somewhere in the pipeline as well, allegedly.

These bikes were supposedly seen at the Tokyo Motor Show, but chances are we’ll get our first real details on them after EICMA. For now, you’ll have to satisfied with what you can see in the clip below.


  1. Zac, the CB400 Super Bol D’Or has been in the Honda Japan lineup for years. As well, the CB1300 Bol D’Or is already a 2013 model available in showrooms. I don’t see much in the way of news or rumour here. I do sympathize, however, that these bikes — some of the prettiest Honda has ever penned — likely won’t see Canadian roads without some grey-market importing.

    If you’d like to review Honda’s Japanese lineup, look here:

  2. I don’t see it happening, as pretty as that SuperSport is, who would buy one of those new 500’s when the 400 looks and sounds better. A small 4cyl screaming at 13grand with a pipe on it? If i were 18 again, that would be near heaven.

    Probably won’t be able to afford it here anyway

    I want one……

    • Jim, I thought the same thing at first. I had to do a double take to make sure this wasn’t some leftover 80s marketing video, but it doesn’t appear to be …

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