BC Speeder goes to trial

Randy George Scott
Randy George Scott
Randy George Scott

Remember that YouTube video, from that guy, who took that bike to that incredibly high speed?

Well, that guy is in court in BC this week. It should be an interesting time. The suspect, Randy George Scott, has 27 driving infractions and five license suspensions. Cops say he took a Yamaha R1 registered in his mother’s name to 300 kph, and put the video on YouTube.

According to CBC, the defense is claiming the police seized Scott’s bike illegally and therefore it’s inadmissible as evidence (the cops should have had a warrant, they say), while the Crown seems to think that won’t make much of a difference in the case’s outcome. The case should be over in the next day or so. If convicted, Scott could serve as much as five years.

It’s worth a click-through to read the comments section on CBC’s story on the trial. The “Think of the children” crowd is out in full force on this one. If they have their way, we may all be limited t0 49 scooters before too long.

We’ve posted the original video below, for your viewing pleasure.


  1. at first i thought who cares.., big deal, i was speeding in my 20’s like crazy.., but.. after seeing that video.., driving like that in traffic is so far out of line.. its ok if he might kill himself, but had he crashed, he would have very likely killed somebody else.. charge away.. speeding when nobody else is in sight is fine…

  2. Anybody with this many driving convictions and suspensions does not deserve to have a license of any kind.
    This guy is simply a self serving senseless moron.

  3. Stupid is as stupid does. Heard that somewhere else before. Hmm…? Thr real damage here is to the rest of the motorcycling fraternity that gets lumped in with him and has everyone calling for stiffer fines, increased insurance policies, and restrictive laws. Should he go to jail, I don’t believe that will solve the issue, but a good swift kick in the arse, literally, might just do the trick. Who knows. Did I already mention the word ” stupid”?

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