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Flipping off

His motorcycling skills aren’t that great, but if he was an Olympic diver, he’d have perfect form for the backflip.

Miniature madness

Sadly, riding a half-sized minibike doesn't mean you can keep it between the lines when you're seeing double.
Sadly, riding a half-sized minibike doesn’t mean you can keep it between the lines when you’re seeing double.

When is a drinking and driving not drinking and driving? Apparently, a New Zealand man thought it didn’t apply when you’re riding a vehicle that can’t be registered.

Ryan Anthony Roberts already had a couple DUIs under his belt when he decided to have a pub night recently. But why go to all that work of walking to the bar when you can just ride there? The sensible thing to do, Roberts thought, was to ride there on a minibike – after all, if you can’t register it, it can’t be illegal to ride it, right?

Uh, wrong. Roberts was found lying in the road later that night, drunk silly after falling off his minibike. At his subsequent court date, the judge gave him a couple of harsh wrist-slaps and indefinitely yanked his drivers license. Not that it matters, according to Roberts’ logic. The general public is just lucky that he didn’t get his hands on an unplateable bulldozer or something like that.

Source: Stuff.Co.Nz

Silly send-off

Would you want this guy at your memorial service? Photo: Chris Walsh/Wikimedia
Would you want this guy at your memorial service? Photo: Chris Walsh/Wikimedia

How do you send off a motorcycling friend that died on the road? Usually around here, people get dressed up in leather vests and show off their mad loud pipe skills. But 42-year-old Gary Pattison didn’t want that at his funeral. No, he had other plans.

After Pattison’s death in a motorcycling accident, his friends found out he had some different ideas of how a funeral should take place. He asked the words “bacon” and “discombobulated” be included in the speeches, and funeral goers went dressed like superheroes, stormtroopers from Star Wars and even a fried egg and a chip bag. Maybe they just invited the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally to attend?

Source: Yahoo

Race track crack-up

Apparently, somebody didn’t see the checkered flag.

Cafe touring?

We’ve all heard of cafe racers. It appears this machine was built on the same idea, except instead of racing between neighbourhood cafes, you can aim towards the Tim Hortons the next province over.

Evel intentions

Will Ed Beckley succeed where Evel Knievel failed?
Will Ed Beckley succeed where Evel Knievel failed?

Some of our older members might remember a little event back in 1974 at Snake River Canyon. That’s when Evel Knievel decided motorcycles weren’t fast enough for him, and tried jumping a rocket-powered sled over the canyon. Predictably, the attempt failed, but now someone’s decided to give it a try again.

Texan stuntman “Big Ed” Beckley will pay $993,000, plus a cut of any proceeds, for the right to jump across the canyon; apparently, he figures he’ll succeed where Knievel failed, even though he weighs nearly 300 pounds and calls himself the “World’s Biggest Stuntman.” Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

Beckley is taking this all very seriously, though; he had a guy from Hamilton, Ohio, do some number-crunching to make sure the whole thing is safe, and they even came up with this nifty computer-generated video to show the whole stunt will be accident-free. What could go wrong? It’s just a rocket-powered motorcycle with 400 hp …

Source: Spokesman


  1. That Goldie cafe racer should have been filmed running with 4 straight pipes. I remember someone used to show up at Goodwood on Sunday mornings with a Valkyrie outfitted with 6 chrome straight pipes, it sounded like a NASCAR.

    As for the rocket jump, I remember watching it live on TV in 1974, what a fiasco. Calling it a “cycle” was a stretch, it launched using the rocket directly from an angled launch “ramp”, a chute came out early and it was over before it started. Never felt that disappointed again until Geraldo found nothing in Al Capone’s vault.

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