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fudge_feature-imageWelcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Seat Slasher

"They'll never get MY seat!" - 'Arris watches for the Portland seat slasher.
“They’ll never get MY seat!” – ‘Arris watches for the Portland seat slasher.

There’s a menace stalking the streets of Portland, Oregon. No, it’s not a vampiric bloodsucker, although in that rainy, cloudy city, a creature of the night could probably even manage to run amok during daylight hours as well. Nope, it’s another horror-film-inspired boogieman – a seat slasher.

Apparently, motorcyclists in the area (“hundreds” of motorcyclists, an upholsterer claims) are getting their seats slashed and otherwise cut up by an unknown vandal. Think about that – you leave your bike at the curb, and when you return, there’s a huge chunk of vinyl or leather missing (although with Editor ‘Arris’s sheepskin seat covers, that could be a blessing).

No know motives for the crime exist, but there are rumours it’s tied to a local anarchist group. After all, motorcyclists have long been known to be in collusion with the government, and are known for their love of The Man. Or not … Our advice to the local anarchistic troublemaker  is to quit, before gets caught and someone returns the slashing favour by going all Friday the 13th on him. As in, the Crystal Lake massacre, not the Port Dover wannabe get-together.

Story: Willamette Week

An exhausting show

Ever wonder what the inside of the Akrapovic factory, where they craft custom exhausts, looks like? Thanks to this stunt video from Chris Pfeiffer, you now know. It’s not as impressive as the classic Robbie Madison Aircraft video, but you can see why BMW put a chain drive on the F800 R; it makes it a lot easier for Pfeiffer to pull off all those wheelies.

After watching this video, though, we’re left with two questions. One, who’s the poor sap who’s got to go clean all the tire marks off the floor? Two, when is Hindle going to open up their factory for a similar stunt show? We’ll gladly send Costa or Steve Bond in on CMG’s highly un-modified Konker

Secrets of the east

The Orient has long been a mysterious place, with enigmatic geisha, inscrutable samurai, and crazy dudes who randomly boot people off their motorcycles while leaving a restaurant, with no obvious provocation. Strange stuff, indeed!

Heckle this how-to

OK, so motorcycle can be complicated business. That’s why there are how-tos on YouTube that show you how to change your oil, tighten your chain, adjust your valves … and walk your motorcycle? What?

That’ right. In a desparate attempt to grab viewers, this YouTube channel has posted a video that shows you the complexities of walking your motorcycle – just in case you wondered whether you put your left foot first, or your right. If you ever wondered the proper way to grab your bars and walk alongside your bike (and you never learned the hard way, by running out of gas), then gaze in awe at this informative video. Or, hit up the comments section and point out that some people really need to get a life.


  1. The guys getting kicked off the bike …. That sure looked to me as though they were bosozoku who’d been buzzing that establishment. It did not strike me as crazy or unprovoked. Just the other day, I was sitting outside a Starbucks here in Tokyo and a trio of scooters kept buzzing the sidewalk, almost hitting several people on multiple occasions.

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