Bosch introduces new stability control system

The week before he rode this 1190 Adventure R, Costa rode the Orange Crush event on a 990 Adventure Baja. He says there's a big difference.
With Bosch's new MSC system, the KTM 1190R Adventure is more impressive than ever.
With Bosch’s new MSC system, the KTM 1190R Adventure is more impressive than ever.

Anti-lock braking systems have been on bikes for decades now, but Bosch is still trying to advance that technology. Now, they’re bringing out a stability control system that integrates with ABS to prevent lowsides.

ABS integration is a big part of the new Motorcycle Stability Control system (MSC), but there’s more to it than that. The system not only modulates your brakes so you don’t lose traction while leaned over, but it also stops your rear wheel from skidding if you hammer on the the throttle while you’re leaned over, and stops your front wheel from lifting while you accelerate and also prevents stoppies. Where’s all the fun in that? It’s also supposed to stop bikes from standing up under braking in corners (potentially very handy for sure).

The MSC system is designed to integrate with Bosch’s existing dual-channel 9+ME ABS; that system is already in use on plenty of bikes, as it’s very small and very advanced. Things have certainly come a long way since BMW used to strap soup can-sized ABS systems on their touring bikes.

However, the MSC system will only be available on KTM’s new 1190R and 1190R Adventure, for now; it can be retro-fitted to existing models of those bikes, in case you sneaked one over from Europe. It will likely be available on other high-powered, high-end machines before too much longer.


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