More Toronto parking changes ahead?

The Toronto parking debate continues.
The Toronto parking debate continues.
The Toronto parking debate continues.

The ongoing saga over Toronto’s motorcycle parking issues continues.

According to a email tip we received, the City of Toronto is planning changes when it brings in pay-by-plate parking; it seems there will be 300 spaces set aside for motorcycles when the change comes in, and motorcycles will be able to park there at a reduced rate. However, we don’t know yet what happens when bikes park in car spots – whether or not they’ll pay car parking rates there is up in the air.

Those 300 spaces will be distributed between 25 locations throughout the city; bikes will pay 25 to 50 per cent of what cars pay.

Pay-by-plate parking won’t start until November 2014, and until then, it’s free for motorcycles to park in these 300 spaces.

Want more details? Feel free to read ’til you’re cross-eyed. Check out these three links.


  1. I emailed my Councillor and got this response from her assistant:

    The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee has made the recommendation to create a pilot for designated on-street motorcycle parking, and maintain the payment exemption for overnight parking permits, until a Pay-by-Plate technology is adopted. Councillor McMahon is paying close attention to this issue and is hoping to find a balanced resolution that supports alternatives to the car, while recognizing parking and financial limitations. The Councillor is looking forward to the Council debate in October and further discussion on this topic.

    I will relay your comments to the Councillor. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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