Yamaha updates the FJR1300; sport bikes mainly unchanged

The couple on this FJR1300 knows what's up.
Here's Yamaha's new FJR1300 - now with electronically adjustable suspension and other tweaks.
Here’s Yamaha’s new FJR1300 – now with electronically adjustable suspension and other tweaks.

Surprise, surprise – Yamaha has announced North America’s new FJR1300, and it looks surprisingly like the model already on the streets in Europe.

The new FJR1300 has USD forks up front (with compression and rebound damping in separate legs), and electronically adjustable suspension, along with all the updates we mentioned last fall (stuff like traction control, ride-by-wire throttle).  However, there is no sign of the automatic clutch, which was discontinued in North America  a while ago, and seems to not be bound for a return anytime soon.

The FJR’s electronically adjustable suspension is controlled from buttons on the handlebar. You can set the preload in rear, and monkey with the compression and rebound settings for both front and rear. An LCD display in the dash lets you keep track of your changes.

And, in other news, Yamaha also announced the details of their 2014 R1, R6 and FZ6 bikes. Those machines aren’t seeing any major upgrades for 2014. They’re getting new paint, and that’s about it.

According to Yamaha’s web site, the FJR1300 will sell for $18,499 in Canada.


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  1. I guess the ‘candy apple’ (not fire engine lol) red is the US version for both. Their 2014 updated bike is called an FJR 1300ES which retails for $16,890 and their ‘leftover’ will be called a ’14 FJR 1300A and lists for $15,890. So about a 10% difference in list compared to the ‘Great White North’ or 5% considering our loonie value. As Zac wrote the automatic clutch (UGH) is gone but the 5 speed (could use a 6) is still with us.

  2. The Yamaha Canada site seems to indicate that the 2014 FJR1300E is available only in black and priced as noted above at $18,499. They also show a chocolate brown 2014 FJR1300 (no E) and priced at $17,499, but I guess it is just a hold over from 2013 and lacks the upgrades. Not sure where the fire-engine red comes into play. (2004 FJR and currently a 2006 FJR)

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