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More hapless hoonery

The only thing more embarrassing than having your wheelie-gone-wrong broadcast all over the Interwebs is having your buddies laugh and point while you cry about the accident while huddled in a ditch …

Knievel rides again

Evel Knievel: Can he replace Spider-Man?
Evel Knievel: Can he replace Spider-Man?

Evel Knievel may be dead and buried, but apparently his spirit lives on. No, we’re not talking about son Robbie Knievel (who got himself in a whole lot of hot water at Sturgis this year, after allegedly driving his motor home drunk, and telling TMZ he was a “drinkin’ ridin’ daredevil”). Apparently, Evel is going to star (posthumously, of course) in a new comic book series by Bluewater Productions.

Not content with simple motorcycle heroics, Knievel is going to fight terrorists in the comics, which apparently were set in the 1970s. Did they even have terrorists back then? And here, we always thought that Communists were the classic ’70s bad guys. Maybe they’re Communist terrorists?

Anyway, if you want more dope on this new comic book series, click here. Maybe, if you’re really lucky, they’ll do a team-up issue with Spider-Man – what could be better? And hey, Captain America used to ride a Harley-Davidson … could there be a series out of this?

Climb aboard

Some people just weren’t meant to ride a motorcycle. Especially when you consider the GVWR. A heavy-duty crane is about all that could have made it easier to clime aboard this bike …

Tough times

He's making his getaway by motorcycle these days.
He’s making his getaway by motorcycle these days.

Crime doesn’t pay, kids, or at least, not as well as it used to.

Think about the good old days, when hoods cruised suburbia in panel vans, filling them with homeowners’ belongings after break-ins. Alas, it seems the current economic climate has pushed that dream to the background, according to a police report from the UK.

Apparently, times are so tough for British burglers that they are now resorting to fleeing burglaries on their motorcycles. That’s fine if you are only hauling off a sack of silverware, but MKWeb has a story about a recent break-in where the crooks took 42-inch flat screen TV, and rode away on two wheels. Perhaps it’s a technique they perfected after seeing pictures of whole families aboard bikes in the developing world? We’re wondering just how many burglars they packed on the bike, along with the TV …
Source: MKWeb

The naked truth

Police should be on the lookout for a motorcyclist with one of these on his jacket.
Police should be on the lookout for a motorcyclist with one of these on his jacket.

Burglars aren’t the only crims roaming the roads on bikes these days, though. The New Zealand Herald brings us the grim tale of a “motorbike flasher” who is prowling the streets of Nelson these days.

Apparently, he’s tooling around town on a dirt bike and flashing unwary women. Also, he’s wearing farmer’s clothes, which may be why the fuzz haven’t caught him yet – if he’s from the sticks, perhaps he’s been perfecting this crime away from prying eyes in the woods for years.

Source: New Zealand Herald

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