Can-Am, Indian recalls

This year's Indian Chief Blackhawk Dark models should have their sidestands replaced by a dealer.
Can-Am has some of their Spyders under recall.
Can-Am has some of their Spyders under recall.

Recall #: 2013288
Models Involved: 2013 Can-Am Spyder
Number of Vehicles:
Problem: On certain Can-Am Spyder RT series and Spyder ST series roadsters, heat build-up in the area of the brake master cylinder could cause the manifold inlet (a plastic cover on top of the master cylinder) to melt. This could cause a brake fluid leak.
Correction:  Dealers will install heat reflecting shields.

Recall #: 2013290
Models Involved: 2010 Indian Chief Bomber, 2010-2013 Indian Chief Classic, 2010-2013 Indian Chief Dark Horse. 2009 Indian Chief Deluxe, 2010 Indian Chief Roadmaster, 2009 Indian Chief Standard, 2009-2013 Indian Chief Vintage 2011 Indian Chief Blackhawk, 2011 Indian Chief Blackhawk Dark
Number of Vehicles:
Problem: On certain motorcycles, the rear wheel rim may crack and cause a sudden loss of air pressure.
Correction: Dealers will replace the rear rim.

Note: Even though Polaris didn’t produce the Kings Mountain-era Indians, they are reportedly honouring their warranty.

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