New 500cc Harley?

Could this be Harley's new 500 cc bike? Photo courtesy of
Could this be Harley's new 500 cc bike? Photo courtesy of
Could this be Harley’s new 500 cc bike? Photo courtesy of

According to Indian website, this is a picture of a new smaller displacement Harley Davidson. According to Gizmag magazine Harley’s COO, Mathew Levatich actually confirmed the new bike at last weekend’s Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary celebrations, saying that the new bike is “nimble, light weight, has a low seat height and supple throttle and braking. I’ve ridden it – it looks great, sounds great, it’s a Harley, and it’s priced right.”

Gizmag went on to report that Levatich added, “We want to get it out as soon as we can, but it’s got to be right. New engines are complicated, and we’ve got to get everything right from a durability, reliability and confidence perspective. On the other hand, chassis and other things are a lot more straightforward.”

The new bike would likely be built at Harley Davidson’s mother plant at Bawal, Haryana, though it seems destined for the Indian market to start, though Levatich reportedly hedged his bets on the possibility of the model arriving on North American soil.



  1. Personally I think it’s a great idea. Not everyone wants to ride an 800 lb cruiser or a sport bike that does 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. A 500cc V-twin would make a pretty good bike for my daily commute, though.

        • We’ll see what comes of all this. If they really come to market with a small V-twin, I think it’s a missed opportunity; IMHO, a thumper might not sell as many bikes to people wanting that “V-Twin sound,” but it would make for a lighter, cheaper machine that people in North America might actually consider buying, as long as it wasn’t too Buell Blast-esque. Harley-Davidson could point out they made singles in the past, so this wasn’t a diversion from their heritage, and it would open the machine up to all sorts of other interesting customization. If all they do is build a smaller Sportster, well … I can’t see them really selling that well in North America (unless they are priced super cheap). If they dont sell well in North America, then the rest of the world isn’t likely going to buy them. H-D’s main selling point in other markets is the same one that Levis and McDonalds has – “Be American.” But if this bike isn’t seen prominently in films, if Mickey Rourke isn’t riding one, etc, then I can’t see it selling well compared to Triumph or BMW or even Royal Enfield.

          Of course, that’s just my two cents. Maybe they will sell a gazillion.

  2. “New engines are complicated” …I believe he must have been speaking in general terms.

    And they’d be easier to make if they’d try it more than once every 25 years… 🙂

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