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fudge_feature-imageWelcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Sons of Poetry

High-class poetry met lowbrow television in a Sesame Street clip from earlier this month.

Return of The Ram

Remember when we showed you a grim tale of trailside terror, with a dirt biker being chased around by an angry ram? Turns out neither the ram nor the biker have learned their lesson; here’s Round Two. It’s pretty amusing to watch the rider’s point of view switching hurriedly towards the end, as he gooses the throttle to put distance between himself and the animal, but still keeps worriedly glancing back as the relentless creature bears down on him.

Now, if it was a KLR rider, he’d just kill the ram and turn it into a seat cover …

Gutsy granny

"Don't worry - grandma's coming home after she rides across the country and spends a few nights sleeping pubs."
“Don’t worry – grandma’s coming home after she rides across the country and spends a few nights sleeping pubs.”

Brenda Backhouse, an 82-year old grandmother from the UK, has been putting together plans for a motorcycle trip this month. We haven’t been able to confirm whether or not she’s actually completed it, but her plans were ambitious for an octogenerian – she was planing to ride the length of Great Britain on a motorbike to raise support for soldiers suffering from PTSD. Forget the walker or wheelchair – this senior citizen has no plans of letting old age hold her back.

One of the oddest bits of her planned trip? Instead of sensibly booking hotels, Backhouse planned to sleep in pubs at night during her trip, probably to save money. After all, there’s no quieter place for a long snooze than a British pub, right? If her plan didn’t work out, and she crashed en route due to fatigue, it’s not hard to guess why …

Source: Burton Mail

Bad guy’s demise

Here’s a security cam video showing some street crime in Brazil. In a scene straight from a mid-80s martial arts flick, two motorcycle-borne baddies roll up to a building for a robbery. One goes inside to pull of the theft, the other (the getaway driver) waits outside on the bike.

The guy inside the building likely got his first clue the crime wasn’t going as planned when he was thrown out the window … and his second clue likely came as the getaway driver rode off without him. At least the driver/rider had the sense to bail when he saw that crime doesn’t pay … and maybe after seeing his accomplice thrown out of a window, he was worried Jean-Claude Van Damme was going to jump out the window and chase him.

Motorcycle mistake

There’s nothing cooler than a motorcycle, right? So if you want people to like your band, all you have to do is name yourself something along two-wheeled lines (say, “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”) and throw a few bikes into your music videos, right?

Wrong. As this music video shows, it’s a terrible, terrible idea to mix motorcycles and sucky music. Parents, show your kids this clip and warn them that bad music and bikes just don’t mix.

Expensive record

Apparently, even older GSX-R "cafe racers" are still capable of setting speed records.
Apparently, even older GSX-R “cafe racers” are still capable of setting speed records.

A man from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, recently set a speed record, but he didn’t get lauded by fans and mobbed by brolly girls. No such luck!

The trouble is, he picked the wrong record. Instead of going for outright land speed, or even something quirky like the world’s fastest wheelie, this fella decided to take his GSX-R 1000 (which is a “cafe racer,” according to the keen reporter who originally covered the story) on a rip through a local park. That’s where the cops clocked him at 103 mph in a 30 zone, the fastest they’ve ever clocked anyone in the area.

So, there are no Marlboro endorsements coming, and no Pirelli campaigns. Instead, after apprehending the speedster, cops said he could end up spending 364 days in jail and paying a $2,500 fine for riding 40 over the speed limit.

We think they should let him off, and give him another chance. After all, when apprehended, he said he was simply going for a test ride. Imagine the sort of record he could set if he was really trying! …

Source: Buffalo Grove Patch


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