Sign up now for the Dawn to Dusk Rally!

Don on his Ninja 250 was one of the faster riders at the event, but even a Ninja needs to be cranked to keep the speeds up. Photo: Zac Kurylyk
The Dawn to Dusk is coming soon – register now!  Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Remember that 250 cc Dawn to Dusk rally we do? You know, the one where you ride 600 kms in 12 hours, with all the accompanying glory and acclaim? 

Well, like we said earlier, it’s running Sept. 28 this year, and now you can register on CMG’s Rallies site. Yeah , yeah, we know it goes against the easygoing Maritimes ethic to have things like sign-up sheets and entry lists, but that’s the way it is.

You might also notice there’s an entry fee ($20 plus tax). Don’t worry, we’re not getting rich off this – this barely covers the cost of your T-shirt. That’s all we’re charging for. The last couple of years we ran the rally, the T-shirts were a bit of trouble to sort out, so we’re just making sure everyone gets one this year. And, if you want an extra shirt (so you can wear it, while the first one is in the laundry), then that’s an option too.

So – click here to head over to the site, and sign up! Remember, as long as your ride can hold about 80 kph on the highway, you should be able to do this ride, so if you want to take a large scooter, they’re welcome as well. Last year, a couple guys on 125s outpaced everyone else …



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