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fudge_feature-imageWelcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Up, up and away

There are a lot of nasty ways to lose your motorcycle – you could have it stolen, you could crash it, the motor could blow up and render it financially unfeasible to repair … or a van full of men in ski masks could tie pink helium balloons to it.

Ride free

A Wisconsin woman recently went for a ride and went off the rails, with some wild behaviour. She didn’t start a feminist one-percenter gang and sell marijuana to kids. She didn’t buy a hooligun bike and do wheelies downtown. Instead of those traditional antisocial behaviours, she unbuttoned her clothes and went for a ride down the highway at erratic speeds, exposing herself to other motorists and riding hands-free.

Police followed her along the highway and waited for the inevitable to happen. Sure enough, after a stretch of accelerating to highway speeds, then riding hands-free as her bike slowed to 10 mph, then speeding up again, the woman crashed. Apparently, her only injury was a cut on her face. Unsurprisingly, police say she was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

Story source: UPI

Candid camera

Sure, it sounds like fun to video your ride - until the police seize the video as evidence.
Sure, it sounds like fun to video your ride – until the police seize the video as evidence.

A speeder in Gatineau Park recently found that pride goes before a fall.

The motorcyclist and another bike-borne buddy decided to go for an extra-legal rip through the park earlier this month, blowing past a cop car at the park’s entrance. After a chase, the police caught one the riders after he ran out of road and got stuck at a dead end. Allegedly, he hit 160 kph in a 50 zone, and ended up with nine dangerous driving charges.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, though, it turns out one of the riders had also decided to attach an action camera to his bike to record his mad feats of speed. Sadly for him, one of the po-po spotted the camera and seized it as evidence. Now, the video of his escapades is available on Facebook, but it’s not getting any high-fives from his buddy and weak-kneed adoration from the ladies – instead, the police are posting it as a warning to other speeders.

Source: Global Post

Hokey helmet

This is just the thing if you’re going for a ride on Sesame Street.

Ready for the rain

Remember after Hurricane Katrina, when all those flooded motorcycles hit the market and buyers everywhere were issued dire warnings to beware the damaged machines? Well, here’s one scooter they could have purchased with no fear of rusty repairs.


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