Honda Grom pricing announced for Canada

Honda's new monkey bike is the Grom in Canada
Honda’s new monkey bike is the Grom in Canada

For all those wanting to buy a Honda Grom, the company has pricing up on their Canadian website now; it has an MSRP of $3,199.

For all those who are wondering what a Grom is, the marketers are saying it’s “a young skate-boarder or surfer who often drives established riders crazy with their enthusiastic antics.” The machine appears to be a modern-day monkey bike, with the same sort of quirky design ethos found on the Ruckus scooter.

Honda doesn’t appear to be planning to dump the Ruckus for the 125 cc Grom, though; this bike has now replaced the CBR125 as Honda’s smallest motorcycle. It’s lumped into their Sport and Standard section on the website. The pint-sized CBR vanished from their lineup with little fanfare this spring, after a few weeks of heavy, heavy discounting.

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