New retro machine from Horex

This is the new Horex VR6 Classic.
This is the new Horex VR6 Classic.
This is the new Horex VR6 Classic.

The reborne Horex marque now has a second machine in their lineup, the VR6 Classic.

Over the last couple years, the long-defunct German firm has been getting back in the game, with their VR6 Roadster hitting the market outside North America. It’s a pricy bike (not likely going to appeal to first-time buyers with a price tag likely over thirty grand, if it ever makes it to Canada). However, some buyers wanted more, and Horex has answered with the VR6 Classic.

The powerband has been re-configured for this machine; it shares the same 1200 cc six-cylinder motor as the original VR6, but a new exhaust (with less backpressure) and reconfigured engine map means the bike makes more torque down low. It makes 126 hp @ 8500 rpm, and 89 ft-lb of torque at 7000 rpm (the original bike made 161 hp).

The Classic has spoked wheels, but uses tubeless tires. It has USD forks and leather seat, three-way adjustable Sachs shock in back and WP forks up front that can be adjusted for rebound, compression and preload.


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