New TV show features Zach Ness

Zach Ness Photo: Victory
Zach Ness   Photo: Victory
Zach Ness Photo: Victory

Is chopper-centric reality TV dead? National Geographic is hoping that isn’t the case, as they’re introducing a new show featuring Zach Ness this Wednesday.

The new show will be titled Let it Ride; it will feature Ness and a team of builders as they make machines for the rich and the famous on a tight time budget.

Frankly, the show’s formula sounds very similar to what we’ve seen before – one episode description says “When a stunt rider from the YouTube sensation “Harley Wheelies” group commissions Zach to build a bike, the challenging, big-ticket job comes down to the wire — pushing Zach and his crew to their limits. This monster of a motorcycle needs to be finished in two weeks for the next “Harley Wheelies” video shoot. The problem? The bike Zach buys is just an pile of old parts. Tensions rise as the deadline looms and the Franken-bike refuses to come together.”

Another episode desription says “After a crash-tastic lesson in flat-track racing, Zach’s on a quest to convert an ancient Harley Sportster into a flat-track race bike. This challenging build leans heavily on Jim, the tater tot–loving lead fabricator. Normally very low-key, Jim starts going off the deep end when his beloved tape measure goes missing. If that isn’t enough, Zach turns up the pressure by adding a high-profile project to the mix — customizing a Victory for a premium Red Bull event with BMX bike champ Corey Martinez.”

It’s not as if nobody knows who Zach Ness is – he’s been knocking around the custom bike scene since he was in diapers. Choppers are his family business. But, if his show goes the path worn by Orange County Choppers, well, it’ll be disappointing – and probably a few years too late.

The new show premieres on August 14, at 9 p.m., on the National Gegraphic channel.



  1. What I would like to see is a show where they actually have to SELL their “Hardley Ableson Choppa” creation to someone who’s spending their OWN money on it. That’ll straighten out the “reality” of this overblown, expensive junk.

    Yes, I’m a troll. Please don’t feed me.

    • LOL! You’re right, it would be a much better show watching them trying to sell the garish, stretched out, overweight and underpowered POS than watching them drag the magnet through the parts bin.

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