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Where’s the fire?

We can't see this catching on - 10 litres of water only goes so far.
We can’t see this catching on – 10 litres of water only goes so far.

We’ve heard of paramedics on motorcycles. We’ve heard of police officers on motorcycles. Now, a city in India is taking it a step further – they’re putting firefighters on motorcycles.

The Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority has announced they’re working with the city of Ahmedadab to put together firefighting vehicles made from motorcycles. Their firefighting equipment consists of a 10-litre water tank and a flashing red light, which probably limits them to activities like dousing illegal campfires – but hey, it sounds like a good idea, right? We’re just disappointed they didn’t make a hook-and-ladder rig.

Source: Times of India

One bike to rule them all

Which is the better, a KLR650 or DR650? Adventure riders have long puzzled over this question. Thankfully, this YouTuber has answered the question,with this frank and honest evaluation of the DR650’s merits when compared to not just the KilLeR, but all other bikes.

Air bike action

Get your trackday face on and shoot a video for Ducati.
Get your trackday face on and shoot a video for Ducati.

Ducati has launced a new global competition to celebrate MotoGP. They’re giving away tickets and paddock passes to the remaining races in the series to the winners. And, it’s a contest that anyone should be able to win. All you have to do is take a video of yourself riding an “air bike.”

If you’re confused as to what an air bike is, think of an air guitar … but instead of flailing the air wildly while a Van Halen eight-track plays in the background, this contest wants you to hang on, hang off, pull wheelies, or whatever, while riding your imaginary bike. Then, upload that video to YouTube, and 10 days before each remaining race in the MotoGP schedule, Ducati will pick a winner for their race day swag.You can find the rest of the details at Ducati’s site here.

If any CMG readers enter, please let us know. You could be the next star of Friday Fudge.

 Bean’re rides a mini

Was this Bean're's inspiration?
Was this Bean’re’s inspiration?

Have you ever heard of Bean’re? He’s a motorcycle-borne traveler/author, who shows up at a lot of rallies with stories, and books, of his adventures. The Harley guys think he’s the best.

Well, Bean’re tried to set a new motorcycle record in July, which hailed back to a classic movie. Was it a recreation of the ride from Easy Rider, on an old chopper? Perhaps it was some sort of fence-jumping stunt, hailing back to Bud Ekin’s antics in The Great Escape?

Nope. Bean’re tried to ride a mini bike to Sturgis on a 1400-mile journey, bringing back memories of the classic road trip from Dumb and Dumber, which ended with Lloyd “totally redeeming” himself as he traded a sweet custom van for a ratty mini-bike. Sadly, Bean’re wasn’t able to complete his own trip, as he blew up two mini bikes in the process.

Flying the colours

Of course, it's possible the similarity is just a co-incidence, a terrible mistake...
Of course, it’s possible the similarity is just a co-incidence, a terrible mistake…

Ottawa is a nicer town than other cities. You don’t hear of the same amount of gang violence, shootings and the like. It’s a quiet place, and the cops like it that way.

That. we theorize, is why they’ve decided to put a logo on their patrol motorcycles’ gas tanks that looks very similar to the Hells Angels famous patch. Instead of outright battling bikers in the streets, they’re cleverly riffing on their death’s head design, hoping to draw the notoriously litigious biker club into the courtroom, where the police will try to wear them down with lawyer fees, as the bikers try to protect their copyright.

It’s an odd tact, but it’s the only reason we can see to emulate the Hells Angels logo … after all, Internal Affairs would surely investigate any police officer who was emulating an outlaw motorcycle gang, right?


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