Erik Buell Racing continues to tease new street bike

Could this logo be coming to a 250 near you soon?
Want a peek at the new EBR cycle? This is as good as it gets ... apparently EBR keeps their bikes in an underground sewer, by the looks of the lighting. Perhaps they've enlisted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' help on the project?
Want a peek at the new EBR cycle? This is as good as it gets …

Want more spy shots of Erik Buell Racing’s new street bike? The American superbike company is up to the challenge, with a new shot of their bike released on their Facebook.

They’ve hidden the machine in the shadows, hiding most of the features beside the headlight. Playing with the shot in Photoshop seems to indicate it has USD forks and clip-on handlebars – so we’re pretty sure Buell isn’t building a cruiser …

Remember, Buell has promised to expand his company’s line, and he’s got a deal with Indian manufacturer Hero that will probably play a part in that. This isn’t the first spy shot of that bike he’s teased, either; the first glimpse came back in July, which indicated the machine has a pillion seat.


  1. I find these sneak pics lead to disappointment when the bike is finally revealed. Like the new Indians, show us a motor that I drooled over. Then when the bikes appeared, blah. Hope they make the scout again with the new motor, shorter in length and bare bones.

    • I just hope they hired a designer this time, someone with some chops to make the bike look unique, but also good. The last street bike Buell produced was (at least in my most humble opinion) incredibly ugly.

  2. ‘back in july’…links to a ramones video on youtube? dont get me wrong, im currently rocking out in my livingroom, but a first glimpse would also rock!

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