Video: Ernie Vigil’s Assault on Albuquerque

The mad stunters of Team Empire will be at the Vancouver show.

We’re not sure if this is as awesome as Robbie Madison’s awesome strafing run through an aircraft boneyard earlier this year, but it’s still pretty impressive, especially if you like drifting …

Watch below to see Ernie Vigil take on Albuquerque aboard his Triumph. Pretty sure there’s an illegal lane change or two in there … that’s what happens when you have too many Monster Energy drinks.


      • Never seen McCoy, but I’d agree this vid could be much better. It’s obvious he can ride, but for one reason or another, a lot of the footage is straight-line riding ….

        I really like the Madison video that’s in the link in the story.

        • “Never seen McCoy”

          Dang, Zac. There’s a hole in your life the size of a YZR500. 😉

          McCoy raced 125s from 1992-1997, when he jumped straight to the 500s. Some of his 500 rides were epic, being more sideways than not through various corners. He came from a dirt track background and he always felt he was faster when he spun up the rear. Don’t know about faster, but definitely impressive. He raced through till 2006.

          If you want to see him — and all the other great races of the era — offer video subscriptions with all races archived back as far as 1992 and available on-demand.

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