Video: Riding with Rossi’s posse

Valentino Rossi MotoGP
Rossi performed very well on the Yamaha, ending up in third place. Photo: MotoGP

Say you’re Valentino Rossi – a fabulously successful motorcycle racer with a career reborn by a change in employer. Feeling pretty good about yourself? Obviously! So why not hang out with your friends for an afternoon (who co-incidentally share the same sponsor, Dainese)?

In this video, Rossi,  British roadracer Guy Martin and supermoto world champ Thomas Chareyre go flat-track racing, on Rossi’s private course. Sadly, the film work seems more dedicated to talking bits and logos, instead of riding, but it’s still fun. It’d be nice to know more about the background of Rossi’s track, or to watch Guy Martin laying out massive rooster-tails, but we have to be happy with what we get.

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