Motus shows 2014 lineup at Laguna Seca

Motus's new MSTR was on display at Laguna Seca.
Motus's new MSTR was on display at Laguna Seca.
Motus’s new MSTR was on display at Laguna Seca.

US-based Motus is continuing to refine their line of V4-engined sport tourers. Here’s a look at the production models they were showing off at Laguna Seca last week.

A made-in-America motorcycle without a V-twin? Shocking!
A made-in-America motorcycle without a V-twin? Shocking!

Motus says their MST and MSTR models will both be available to customers this fall, through their cross-country dealer network (they have 16 US dealers, but none in Canada, yet). They won’t be cheap (the MST has an MSRP of $30,975, and the MSTR’s price tag is undetermined right now, but sure to be higher), but they’ll be unique high-performance machines.

While  Motus has abandoned their gasoline direct injection fueling system, they’re still building the bikes around the V4 motors that are essentially half a small-block V8 from GM. The 1650 cc motor supposedly makes 160 hp and 125 ft-lb of torque; and is tuned for everyday street riding. However, Motus says it’s easy to re-configure the powerplant and drive train to turn this into a 200 mph bike.

The other components are high-spec as well; the MST has forged aluminum wheels and the MSTR has carbon-fibre wheels.

Both models have Ohlins NIX forks up front. The MST has a Progressive shock in back, with remote pre-load adjustment; the MSTR has an Ohlins TTX shock in back, also with remote pre-load adjustment. That’s handy for a sport tourer.

Other handy features for long-distance road warriors included a 720-watt alternator, more than enough for lots of lighting and heated equipment, adjustable windscreen and handlebars, and optional 30-litre top case and heated grips and seat.

The MST’s full specs are available here; the MSTR’s full specs are available here.


  1. Looking at the ape hanger handlebars on the white “sport tourer”, are they trying to convert the cruiser market over to the other side by letting them keep their handlebars? I’m not sure if I’d want to carve any canyons with those things!

  2. While I really enjoy the concept and the engineering that has gone into the MST, I feel like it’s a dead end concept. The high-end, high-performance sport tourer is one of those “enthusiast’s specials” that many people clamor for, but nobody buys. See also single-cylinder sport bikes. Ducati ST fans still pine for a new ST, but nobody bought them when they were current! Nowadays it seems that everyone and their grandma buys an oversized “Adventure Tourer” or a full-dress touring barge and calls it done.

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