Erik Buell Racing working on a street-oriented machine?

Check out that pillion pad!
Check out that pillion pad!
Check out that pillion pad! There seems to be an absence of pricy carbon bits, too …

Is Erik Buell Racing working on a motorcycle aimed at street use? That’s what they seems to be indicating, through their Facebook page.

After Harley-Davidson cut him loose, Erik Buell continued to work on new motorcycle designs, bringing the 1190RS superbike to market. But that’s hardly a machine most people would throw a pillion aboard and go for a street ride.

Now, though, Buell has published a photo on his company’s Facebook page that shows a sport bike with a passenger seat and footpegs. The machine will be powered around their made-in-the-USA motor, and many folks are guessing it will be known as the 1190RX.

Could this bike be the firstfruits of Buell’s new collaboration with Hero? Possibly; the RS’s main problem is that it’s just too expensive for the masses (it starts around $40,000 US). Throw in some made-in-India bits, and the price tag could drop dramatically.


  1. The 1125 had a sweet motor with a seriously stout midrange, but crap fuel injection. The chassis could have also used some ironing out in my opinion. I find the idea of an up-to-date successor to the 1125 with more power and a more polished chassis (not to mention better aesthetics) quite appealing. Whether it will sell or not remains to be seen… Good luck EBR. I always like a scrappy underdog.

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