Reevu adds HUD to rear-view helmet

Sure, it looks like something from a dystopian, Orwellian future, but there are some motorcyclists who would welcome HUD.
Sure, it looks like something from a dystopian, Orwellian future, but there are some motorcyclists who would welcome HUD.

Reevu originally made headlines when they made the world’s first motorcycle helmet with a built-in rearview mirror. Now they’ve taken it further; they’re building a helmet that also integrates a heads-up-display (HUD).

Reevu’s press release says their new helmet uses something they call Multiple Reflective Optics Systems (M.R.OP.S. for short). This lets them project information such as data from your GPS or engine diagnostics inside the helmet where the rider can see it.

However, the press release says nothing about any cooperation with motorcycle manufacturers on an interface between current or future production motorcycles and the Reevu helmet. That’s something some users would likely want to have before they invested in the lid, although others would likely be happy to simply integrate gadgets such as their phones or GPS units with the bike.

The press release says “Noise is an issue that visual electronic Data overcomes.” We’re not sure exactly what that means – Reevu might be claiming their system has an advantage over current in-helmet communication units from competitors that interface with devices with earphones and mic.

We saw another HUD-capable helmet teased recently, but the makers of that lid were asking for the public’s support in bringing it to market. Reevu, however, says their new helmet is commercially viable, and they’re not reaching out via Kickstarter or other such sites. Could the future of helmets really be just around the corner? We’ll see …

8 thoughts on “Reevu adds HUD to rear-view helmet”

  1. “Why do we need this again….?”

    Because if we can’t get them to walk away from the video screen we’ll let them bring it with them.

    The trouble is the real world doesn’t have a re-start option.

    1. HUD has plenty of uses, particularly with navigation. Is there a possibility of distraction? Sure. But a tankbag map can be distracting, too.

      Looking at an HUD for speed and tach readouts could be much safer than the gauge setup on some bikes as well …

      1. Yeah. GPS is pretty distracting, especially if used in the city. Foreign city + GPS can be dangerous. Having HUD directions would be way better/safer and it could be aware what direction you are looking at.

        Another bonus could be augmented reality like translating road signs on the fly or overlaying your GPS route on the road in front of you.

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