And now, the racer injury round-up …

Dani Pedrosa failed to capitalize on his opportunity to gain a big lead on Lorenzo. Photo: MotoGP
Jorge Lorenzo is keen to race this weekend at Laguna Seca. Photo: MotoGP
Jorge Lorenzo is keen to race this weekend at Laguna Seca. Photo: MotoGP

As the WSBK and MotoGP seasons continue, the injury count is rising. Here’s a list of the prominent walking wounded, and their race plans this weekend.

1). Jorge Lorenzo – Lorenzo cracked his collarbone at Assen, then managed a gritty race to fifth place. Alas, he high-sided again in practice for Sachsenring, leaving him out of that race. However, he says he’s anxious to race this weekend in Laguna Seca.

2). Dani Pedrosa – Pedrosa led Lorenzo in the point standings before Assen, but he failed to truly capitalize on his opportunity at that race. Then he, too, crashed out at practice for the Sachsenring; after being declared unfit to race that weekend, he says he’s feeling fine now. 

3). Andrea Iannone – Nobody’s expecting Iannone to win or even get a podium at Laguna Seca. He is, after all, riding a Ducati. But now that Iannone is sitting out the California race due to an shoulder injury at the Sachsenring, there’s talk of fielding a replacement rider. If they bring in an American hotshot who’s used to the course, results could be interesting.

4). Sylvain Guintoli – Guintoli, who’s racing an Aprilia in the WSBK championship (and doing quite well – he’s in second place at the moment), had an accident while training on his bicycle. Despite his dislocated collarbone, he’s headed to Russia for this weekend’s double-header, and he’ll re-assess his ability to race while he’s there.



  1. “Lorenzo cracked his collarbone”

    Uhm. I hate to tell you this, but it went WAY beyond ‘cracked’. Quoting Dr. Zasa, who did the initial surgery on Lorenzo in Barcelona: “Jorge sustained a displaced, complex fracture to the third medial of the left collarbone. It’s been a challenging operation, apparently successful. We inserted a titanium plate and eight screws to secure the fragments of the collarbone.” His subsequent highside in the last round bent the titanium plate and the whole mess had to be redone.

    Rounding out the MotoGP riders, Pedrosa has a cracked collarbone and initially suffered a concussion. Iannone dislocated his right shoulder.

    Details give context.

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