New V-Strom 1000 site from Suzuki

Here's Suzuki's V-Strom 1000 concept. Supposedly, it will be built in 2014.
Here's another look at the new liter-Strom.
Here’s another look at the new liter-Strom.

Check it out – Suzuki has launched a new website for their upcoming revamped V-Strom 1000.

Suzuki started teasing this bike on the show circuit last fall. We got a look at the concept/prototype back then, and the site doesn’t really give away any more details on the bike’s appearance. They’re still saying the bike (visually based on Suzuki’s DR750, the legendary “Doctor Big”) will be released in 2014.

Of course, CMG hasn’t been waiting around for the new liter-Strom to come out … we’ve been busy with a project of our own. In fact, Rob’s got the dirt wheels on the Wee-Strom and is taking it out for some more off-road testing this weekend.


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