Yamaha FZ-09 video, pricing

On Tuesday, we bombarded you with photos of Yamaha’s new FZ-09 naked bike. Now we’ve got a price tag for you, and a video of the bike in action.

On Yamaha’s Canadian web site (where we’re warned “The FZ-09 offers a significant level of power and performance. It is not intended for novice or inexperienced riders“), the FZ-09 is listed with an $8,999 MSRP. That’s about a thousand dollars more than its US list price. We’re still not sure exactly when the machine will be on dealership floors.

They also released this video promoting the new bike; it seems to be an extended version of their earlier teaser clip.


  1. That small white dot you see is the ball heading way out of the park.

    I think Yamaha is in the lead in recognizing that most people don’t want to/can’t spend $15,000 on a bike, and with modern tech being as good as it is, you can have way more than you need in a smaller, lighter, simpler package that’s a bit more wallet friendly.

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