Yamaha announces FZ-09 triple (with 30 pictures!)

Here's what Yamaha's new MT-09 naked bike looks like.
Here’s what Yamaha’s new FZ-09 naked bike looks like.

Yamaha is taking the wraps off their three-cylinder FZ-09 today (MT-09 in Europe).

The bike is powered by this 847 cc triple.
The bike is powered by this 847 cc triple.

They’ve been teasing this motorcycle for a while now; they showed off the motor on last fall’s show circuit, then a few days ago, they released a teaser video for the bike. Now they’re releasing details, and here’s what we know so far, thanks to the European press, particularly Motoblog, who got a jump on the news.

The 847 cc four-valve triple will supposedly put out 115 hp and 85 Nm of torque. It has throttle-by-wire, and three engine power delivery modes. It’s a crossplane motor, like in the R1, with 31 mm intake valves and 25 mm exhaust valves.

The fuel injectors are attached directly to the head, supposedly allowing for more precise fueling and shorter throttle bodies.

Apparently, this is the Dark Side of Japan.
Apparently, this is the Dark Side of Japan.

The machine has a six-speed transmission. The three-into-one exhaust has a nanofilm coating to deter rust and staining.

The frame’s swingarm pivot is placed outside the frame, similar to the MT-01, to keep the chassis narrow.

The frame is made of aluminum, and supposedly weighs about 20 kg less than a comparable frame on similar motorcycles. The bike weighs 188 kg wet, 171 kg dry.

We have no information on Canadian pricing or availability yet.


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  1. I love the formula – it’s what I’ve been hoping Yamaha would do: a lighter naked FZ with a triple based and good amount of torque. But…. no matter how much I want to like the bike I can’t get over the looks. It just doesn’t appeal to me visually. I lust after the Ducati nakeds (Momster, SF) bit the ones that fir my pocketbook better don’t do anything for me. Yamaha engineers on my wavelength but their designers just are not.

    • no matter what yamaha do ,and they are the company that will try something different!!
      some people will not like this bike,but the majority of european riders love it.
      i think it is a great alternative to a triumph and i am a british rider…..

  2. I’m not sure why you folks are so negative. Here’s a lightweight, affordable UJM that people have been asking for years. Sure the triple engine isn’t revolutionary, or even unique, but makes a solid engineering and marketing case for existence. I agree the FZ8 was a flop. No one asked for a equally fat, less powerful FZ1, but a more powerful FZ6! Now you’re talkin. 115 hp is perfect in a narrow, nimble chassis like this seems to be.
    Put on a full or half fairing, top case and saddle bags – a VFR 800 replacement.

    • I agree with you 100%. I think the bike is great with or without fairing and it is revolutionary considering the light weight. Check out the Z800, Aprilia Shiver, FZ-09 etc., which are in the same category price & performance wise and check on their weight. Then check the much more expensive MV Augusta Brutale 800 and it is an almost even on weight, but at a much higher price point. The only thing that’s bugging me is the price difference between us and the USA + the fact that we don’t get ABS (that would at least justify the price difference).

    • As per usual we are getting screwed up North. $1000 more for what. Certainly not service or anything like that. Worst part is that in Europe (Germany) that’s what they pay for the ABS version. Granted, they sell more of these in Europe, but still WTF, we don’t even get a choice of ABS.

  3. Just for some of you in case you don’t realize it …. this bike is 415lbs wet!!! makes more power and torque than Triumph STR and will sell for less than STR (based on US pricing). This is not an easy task to do.

    Question is will it handle like Triumph STR? We will see soon I am sure. Yamaha Canada would be crazy not to bring the bike here, to replace the not so much sense making FZ8 ….

  4. Sorry, not sure where this is revolutionary or even evolutionary. Still probably a nice bike with lots of torque – too much build-up?

  5. There was a ‘ buzz’ about a balancer slug piston on the middle pot, but maybe the bean counters won out (as usual).

  6. OK, so that’s a 120 degree crank. The old XS750/850 had that years ago, so this “crossplane” crap is just marketing bloviation .

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