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fudge_feature-imageWelcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Pulsar power

Apparently, robbing banks and riding a 220 cc made-in-India Pulsar turns you into “the man.”


Post-beach beatdown

Ahhh, Thailand ... a country where you can enjoy an exotic culture while a ladyboy steals your stuff.
Ahhh, Thailand … a country where you can enjoy an exotic culture while a ladyboy steals your stuff. Photo: Wikipedia

When you”re on vacation in Thailand, it’s a good idea to keep your valuables under wraps, or even better, under lock and key.

Some Spanish tourists didn’t follow this sage advice on a recent visit to Phuket City, though; instead, they left their stuff lying on their motorcycle, while they went to the beach. Unsurprisingly, when the couple returned to their bike, their swag was gone.

Who was to blame? Apparently, some “ladyboy” was hanging out at the hotel, palling around with the security guards; the Spanish tourists figured the ladyboy was the guilty party, but they also figured the guards were in cahoots with him … er … her… er… . Since the ladyboy was long gone, the ticked-off tourists laid a beating on the guards instead.

That action landed them in jail, where one of the Spaniards proceeded to smash up his cell, garnering himself more charges. And since the couple doesn’t have enough money to make bail, they could be in stir for a while, likely wondering how on earth a visit to a Thai beach could get somebody into trouble.

Source: Phuket News

Like a boss

Any employee who films his boss’s crash and posts the footage to YouTube must have a good union …


Pathetic plan

"Say fellows, check out this new safety app."
“Say fellows, check out this new safety app.”

Here in Canada, we try to keep cell phones as far away from drivers as possible – distracted driving is one of the leading causes of roadway deaths. But in Kenya, they’re trying to use cell phones to make the roads safer.

Traffic accidents are the country’s third-leading cause of death, and there are 180,000 motorcycles in Kenya. Many of those riders have never taken any street training. So, Kenyan officials have released an app that cleverly disguises road safety and first aid training as games. They figure all those crazy motorcycle taxi drivers are going to while away the time between fares by competing with each other through these games.

Frankly, it sounds a little optimistic to expect educational video games to have any sort of dent in the accident rate. Today’s jaded youths are quick to spot a scam when they see one, and anyone trying to brainwash youths into safety through games is no doubt going to be disappointed, as those youths instead prefer games where you blow up zombies …

Source: The Guardian

A lumbering motor

Forget renewable energy – here’s a bike made from renewable material. We wonder if this is means the rider would have a wooden-feeling throttle, to go with wooden brakes?

Back behind bars

Not the sort of bars this dad wanted to be behind. Photo: Wikipedia
Not the sort of bars this dad wanted to be behind. Photo: Wikipedia

Any motorcyclist knows it would be terrible to have your bike grabbed by a drunk, then taken out for a midnight spin. But what if that drunk was your dad?

That’s what happened in Gladstone, Australia, as police recently nabbed one Anthony Luke Myers after spotting him out for a helmetless midnight spin on a motorcycle. But it wasn’t just a motorcycle – it was his kid’s minibike. Turns out Myers, a former motorcyclist, had spent the night chatting with a buddy over some drinks about the good times he’d had in his youth behind bars. The good news, is that he was able to revisit those times – but he wasn’t behind the same bars.

Source: Gladstone Observer


  1. WTF, he drops his bike, walks away and his employees pick it up for him! He shouldn’t ride a bike if he can’t pick it up and they need to have some self respect.

    • This.

      Little story. A few years back I stopped at the big pie shop in Meaford. It was raining all day. Just as I came out 4 older guys with their wives on the bike stopped in. Definitely not the types to be out in the rain. I got talking to a couple of them while their wives ran in. Their was much discussion as to whether to hold up some where, or get the bikes back to the trailer. That’s fine with me, we all ride our own ride.

      Then it happens, one of the guys drops his HD with wife on the back. A no speed drop. She’s okay, he’s okay (I was worried somebody might have broken a hip). So I grab one end of the bike and the rest of the guys just stand there looking at me like wtf do you think your doing. Their is *5* of us.

      “No no no!, I’ll call HOG and they’ll come and pick it up for us and give us a $100 for our troubles”.

      I guess I’m just stupid, but theirs 5 of us. You can be up and on your way in 3 seconds! Last I saw of them buddies bike was still on it’s side, All of them standing there, in the rain, waiting for a tow truck to show up.

      . Jeebuz.

    • While not as lolz-worthy as many other vids, I personally got a huge kick out of it. It perfectly encapsulated that moment when one goes from the King of Town to a chump.

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