New CMG Business Locator

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.04.54 AM
We will be tweaking this over the next few weeks to bring it into perfection so your feedback is much appreciated.

Events Calendar and now a Business Locator? CMG is on a roll as this week we launch our brand new Dealer Locator to help you find dealers (the motorcycle sort!) anywhere across Canada. 

The usual search criteria apply but you can also allow the system to identify where you are located by permitting access to your IP address. Of course, it’s not super accurate but at least it will allow the search results to show approximately where the dealer is to your current location. Search results will show the top 20 results with the top result centered on the map, and (if you shared your location), will order them in relative distance from your location.

If you want to check it all out, please go here, or access it from the main menu bar.

As with everything CMG, there will likely be a few bugs and we’re not claiming anything more than this being a beta release of this software. However, if you do find an issue or have a suggestion to make it better, please either comment at the end of this news item or contact¬†us so that we can tweak the locator into perfection. Oh and a big thank you to the (majority of) OEMs for providing us with their dealer info so that we could populate this application.



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