Yamaha working on a surprise?

What is Yamaha up to?

 When I rode the Yamaha Bolt last month, Yamaha’s staff told me they were up to something – something big.

Yamaha had been quiet, evaluating the market through the last couple years, they said, but that was about to change. First, they brought out the Bolt – an interesting step, but not revolutionary – but there was more to come in June. Or so they said.

Well, watch this video (titled “The Dark Side of Japan) and then think about it again. What’s coming? A superpowered supermoto? Just guessing, I’d say whatever the bike is, it’ll feature a triple, as seen at Intermot.


  1. The new bike looks just like the FZ8 but has their new 3 cylinder engine in it. Google to see pictures.

    I love 3 cylinder engines and Yamaha has lots of past experience on some excellent bikes from about 1974 till 1981.


  2. Featuring Bold New Matte-Black Graphics!? 😉

    Considering that the commercial is done by Yamaha Europe, there’s no guarantee that whatever is unleashed upon the European hooligans will make it to North America.

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