CMG Events Calendar

Lovely, isn't she?
Lovely, isn't she?
Lovely, isn’t she?

Some of you may have been wondering when you were actually going to see the promised new stuff on CMG. Well, we’ve just launched the first of four new modules; the CMG Events Calendar (albeit a few weeks late).

No, sorry, it’s not going to be a jumbled up mess of every single possible event attended by two blokes and a dog. Instead we’re only focusing on the bigger and more interesting events out there as determined by us. 

Those include most racing (road based to start as well as international rounds of Moto GP and WSB), Main Rides (the big day ones), Notable Rallies (multi day events), Big Shows (manufacturer shows, etc) and Track days/schools (self explanatory I think). Anyway, check it out and do let us know what you think by commenting here or via the contact us page.



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