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Putin put in proper place?

As recently seen on Vladimir Putin's Finnish rap sheet.
As recently seen on Vladimir Putin’s Finnish rap sheet.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has his detractors, who accuse him of Soviet-style strongarm tactics and the like. But the Finns have apparently harboured deeper suspicions about the politico – supposedly, he was on a list of one-percenter motorcycle criminals.

A Finnish TV recently found out Putin’s name was on the registry because of his frequent association with Russia’s Night Wolves motorcycle club. Supposedly, that meant he could have been arrested had he visited the country – which would have in turn meant that the Finns would have had to figure out how to bring Simo Hayha back to life, to deal with the aftermath.

Naturally, once the word of this broke out, Putin’s name was taken off the list of criminals. It’s a pity, really – the truly appropriate response would probably be to add the majority of the world’s leaders’ names under his …

Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

The List

Care to try smuggling Kevin Schwantz into COTA? Photo:
Care to try smuggling Kevin Schwantz into COTA? Photo:

Speaking of lists – the Circuit of the Americas has just released its list of banned items for the upcoming MotoGP weekend.

Spectators should leave their frisbees (?), handcuffs (??), and Segways (???) at home. However, keen observers will note it doesn’t stop anyone from smuggling Kevin Schwantz in inside a backpack or something

Bad bunny

Animals gone wild

OK, we’ll be honest: The only reason we posted a link to this mildly funny clip below, was so we could use it as a segue to this non-motorcycle-related video

Charged for drunk walking

"Hang on, lads - just one more, then I'll push the bike home. What's the worst that could go wrong?"
“Hang on, lads – just one more, then I’ll push the bike home. What’s the worst that could go wrong?”

Drunk driving is a reprehensible crime. But what about drunk walking?

Apparently, the law isn’t too fond of that in New Zealand, as a man found out recently in court. The chap in question was apprehended by police while pushing his motorcycle home from a friend’s after a few drinks too many. He didn’t have the motor running – he was only pushing the bike with his legs.

The fuzz determined the fellow was drunk, and he ended up in court, where he tried to plead not guilty to operating a motorized vehicle while intoxicated – after all, the motor wasn’t running (he claimed it was broken down and he was simply trying to get the bike home).

The judge wasn’t swayed by that logic, though, and found him guilty anyway. Now the man is sentenced to community service and banned from driving for six months. Now he’s stuck home with nothing better to do than mow his lawn – and we bet he’ll think twice before downing a few beers while pushing his mower.

Story: NewstalkZB

A load of bull

Never leave your motorcycle unattended close to an amorous bull. Never, ever, ever.

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