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Paper cops

Getaways from this cardboard cop shouldn't prove hard.
Getaways from this cardboard cop shouldn’t prove hard.

When you look at it carefully, speeding is just a paper crime. Driving wildly can be dangerous to other motorists, but simply exceeding a posted speed limit is often nothing more than an arbitrary offense that’s only criminal because a piece of paper says so.

Perhaps that’s why the city of Bangalore is now deploying cardboard cops in an effort to fight traffic violations. The processed paper po-po are being posted on city streets, officials say, because the city is short about 500 traffic cops.

Supposedly, the fake police have an actual measurable impact, making riders slow down, obey red lights, and help old ladies across the street.

We’d like to think that’s all due to a traffic official with a good sense of irony; we also wonder what happens to all the fake cops when it rains?

Source: BBC

Confiscation woes

If the fuzz catches you hooning around on a bike, especially if it’s not registered, they just might confiscate it. Here’s what happens if they decide to do a little bit of hooning around themselves, in the confines of a police station.

The root of all evil

Rhianna Thomas
Rhianna Thomas

Imagine, for a moment, your significant other showing up with £100,000, claiming it was a loan – would you believe them?

That’s the story a U.K. woman is feeding a jury. Rhianna Thomas says her partner, who stole the money, told her the money was a loan for a Range Rover that he’d decided to instead spend on a wedding. She wasn’t impressed with what seems like a foolish loan, she says, so she did the most sensible thing she could think of with the money – went out and bought a GSX-R 600 and paid for breast enlargement surgery.

Alas, all good things come to an end; the money’s rightful owners tracked it down, and now the woman is charged with illegally receiving and spending the dough. We assume they repo’d the bike – we’re not sure what happened to the silicone implants.

Source: Oxford Mail

Fuel folly

Necessary equipment for any bike-borne crime.
Necessary equipment for any bike-borne crime.

The crims just don’t learn.

Australian police made an easy pinch last month when chasing down an off-road motorcycle illegally ripping down the street, with no plate. All they had to do was tuck in behind the fleeing miscreant … and wait for him to run out of gas.

The suspect had a head start, but the police found his bike with an empty fuel tank, and searched the neighbourhood. Sure enough, they got their man – they found him hiding under a hedge in the neighbourhood, with his underwear stuffed with marijuana.

The moral of this story? We’ve seen this very thing happen before, and documented it in Friday Fudge. If you’re going to take up a life of motorcycle-based crime, you should keep an eye on this weekly column – you could avoid a lot of common criminal mistakes.

Source: WA Today


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