Changes to CBR250R series announced

Honda's new 250s have helped their sales climb in developed countries, but they slipped a bit in some developing markets.
Honda's CBR250R series returns to CSBK, with provisions for riders of all ages.
Honda’s CBR250R series returns to CSBK, with provisions for riders of all ages.

CSBK has announced some changes to their CBR250R series.

When CSBK first ran the series last summer, in conjunction with Honda, they restricted riders to an age limit of 25. They’ve lifted that requirement this year; now, riders of all ages are welcome.

However, the 13-25-year-olds will get their CBR250R race kit for free, with the purchase of a 2013 CBR250R. Riders older than 25 will get the kit for a discounted price of $750 when they buy a 2013 CBR250R. If you want to race your 2011 or 2012 CBR, you’ll have to buy the kit at full price of $1,500.

Riders taking advantage of the free or discounted kit must leave a cheque with Honda; once they complete three CSBK rounds, they can get their cheque back, otherwise, Honda will cash it.

Honda will also give riders a 10×10 canopy for racers in the new series. They’ll give it to you after you register for your first race.

Other rules: If you want to get Honda contingency money, you have to hold a roadracing license, and be registered with a Honda dealer. Your motorcycle must be purchased from an authorized Honda dealer (no contingency money is available for bikes bought from non-authorized Canadian dealers, or out-of country dealers). Racers must compete the entire season on a 2011, 2012 or 2013 CBR250R.

You can see CSBK’s rulesheet for the series here.

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