MotoGP season opens in Qatar this weekend

He hasn't just been signing helmets lately; Marc Marquez just inked a deal to race for Honda's factory MotoGP team. Photo: MotoGP
Marc Marquez has paid his dues in MotoGP's development series; now, this weekend, fans will get to see if he can win at racing's highest level.
Marc Marquez has paid his dues in MotoGP’s development series; now, this weekend, fans will get to see if he can win at racing’s highest level.

This weekend, the MotoGP season kicks off in Qatar, with all sorts of questions waiting to be answered.

Of course, there’s been plenty of test riding already this year, and this weekend’s action starts early, to let the riders fit a little more practice in. Instead of the usual three-day weekend, the riders will start testing on Thursday, giving them four days.

With Casey Stoner gone, one of the biggest questions this year is whether or not his replacement at Honda, Marc Marquez, can rise to the challenge and dominate as easily as the Australian ace did in recent years.

Race fans are also wondering how Valentino Rossi will fare, after returning to Yamaha. Rossi spent two years toiling for Ducati, and got nowhere. The once-great racer wasn’t even close to contention during his stay with the Italian manufacturer; since returning to the blue and white, he’s actually led a test session (at Jerez). This weekend should give watchers an idea as to whether or not he’s still got what it takes.



  1. “The once-great racer ….”

    Really? Does anyone think Rossi isn’t as great as he once was? Sure, his skills may not be as high above his contemporaries as they once were however I still think he’s a great racer. Your opinion, although incorrect, is allowed to be different than mine. 🙂

    • He’s much faster than I (the World’s Slowest Motojournalist) will ever be. Having said that, what did he get last year, one podium? He’s fast, but lots of other guys have left him behind the last couple years. We’ll see if he’s still able to duel with them on this weekend!

      • I’m hoping his horrid showing of the last 2 years is merely indicative of the piece of poo he was riding.

        Oh, and don’t sell yourself short – have you ever ridden with Bondo? 🙂

        • The only place I can keep up with Bondo is single track. And now that he’s all practiced up from Arizona, I’m not even sure about that!

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