KTM re-thinking the Freeride E?

KTM's new street-legal enduro should be a lightweight thriller, if their claimed numbers are correct.
Freeride E
While the KTM Freeride E was supposed to show up soon, the company’s CEO seems to think there are some issues with the battery technology – mainly safety and expense.

KTM’s Freeride E electric off-roader was first unveiled on the show circuit back in 2011; as the first battery bike from a major OEM, it caused quite a stir.

Two years later, we’re still waiting for it to make a splash on the market. Comments from KTM’s CEO might explain that.

In an interview with Italian mag Motociclismo, Stefan Pierer seemed to think the bikes’ batteries are holding them, and electric motorcycles in general, back. Here’s what he had to say (thank Google for the translation work).

I do not see great prospects for this sector because the batteries are not up to the level the bikes they need,” Pierer told the mag.

“In addition, the package lithium batteries is dangerous in case of an accident: it can trigger an explosion. It is very, very dangerous …

“The battery technology is not at a level that would justify a large investment in the product.  Our electric bike is ready, operated, developed, but the battery pack costs 2,000 euro. Too much. The market will recover only with products that are less expensive and more efficient, truly innovative.



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  2. A quiet dirt bike in the woods? Can no one else see the advantage of this bike? Here is the answer for the noise problem that is keeping off-road bikes outlawed.

  3. I don’t think he’s saying it isn’t coming; I think he’s saying they’re not going to be building millions of these things for you, your uncle, and your cousins.

    I think bikes like this are one of the best uses for battery technology.

  4. I would have got one. Just imagine : no noise in the woods no smelly greasy engines sooner or later someone else will do it….

  5. So the whole thing was just a big marketing event.

    Dangerous? – a fuel tank can leak too and as more potential energy in it.
    Expensive? – let the customers decide on that. offer a leasing plan. (in Germany fuel is 8.2$ a gallon. plus two stroke oil. plus high maintainace. THATS expensive)

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