Video: Supermoto madness

Supermoto Luc1
Supermoto: It's not like other racing. Photo: Youtube
Supermoto Luc1
Supermoto: It’s not like other racing. Photo: Youtube

What’s supermoto racing all about?

Apparently, it’s about wheelies, crashes, street-and-trail tracks, big air and 17-inch wheels.

At least, that’s what this video from Luc1 Motorsports (they race in the French Supermoto National Championship) would have us believe. Traction control? We don’t need no stinkin’ traction control! Enjoy!


  1. I think what you saw at the ARL was non acceptance to change is where the supermoto class went. It’s the local racing “Old Boys” club. The plan a few years back was to actually create a dirt section for real supermoto but it met with a lot of resistance. I was on board with a real supermoto track had a bike prepped and a few of the local MX ranks were also interested in showing up the “road riders”.

    • I can’t really comment on ARL politics, as I only show up at Shubie at CSBK events. It would be very cool if supermoto came in to Canada (and the Maritimes in particular) in a big way. I think it would be much more likely to suck dirt riders into “roadracing.” As it stands now, except for Shubenacadie, the only other bike racing in the Maritimes is drag racing and some dirt stuff.

    • I really don’t know why this isn’t the top motorcycle racing series in the globe, at least after MotoGP. It’s crazy fun to watch, even if it’s not as fast as superbike racing. They used to have a supermoto class in the ARL here, but had to close it and phased the riders into the Twins series, I think.

      There was a dude on a Husaberg racing in that series last summer. I saw him at Shubie when I was there for the CSBK round. He might not have been aboard a Ducati or TL1000, but he wasn’t in last place. IIRC, he was competitive through the corners, but he’d get set back on the straights. It was a lot of fun to watch, anyway.

      Supermoto at Shubenacadie

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