Motus says bikes should be for sale by summer

If you want a Motus, start saving; MSRP is over $30k in the U.S.
The MST should come to market in the summer.
The MST should come to market in the summer.

If you still want a Motus, even though they’ve abandoned their gasoline direct injection design, you shouldn’t have to wait much longer for its release.

The company says the MST and MST-R models should both be on sale this summer. They’ll be for sale in the U.S. first, as far as we can figure. The company has 14 dealers down there, and is adding six more, but we haven’t heard of any Canadian sales yet. If you want one in Canada, it’s going to cost you time and money to get it here.

Of course, if money was a problem, you likely wouldn’t be looking at a Motus anyway; the V4-powered bikes (built around a modified small-block Chevy engine) are priced at $30,975 for the MST and $$36,975 for the MST-R (USD).

The company is also selling the 165-hpV4 motor as a crate engine for custom builders. It’ll set you back $10,220; it comes with the ECU, ride by wire intake, wiring harness and fuse box.


  1. Just a note about importing one of these into Canada: If the bike has not been homologated by Transport Canada, which the Motus has not, it cannot be brought into the country.

    • Good point, Costa. These will likely come in to the country, but it will take a few years for the interest to build up enough sales, I’d think, and the early models will likely be pricy, to account for the TC work.

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