Friday Fudge

Welcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

P.S. Zac has been away in Cuba for the week, so Editor ‘Arris has put this Fudge together. Apologies for the short cutting to video but he claims he’s very, very busy.

Zen and the art of Enfield building

Check out this little gem of a video of a trip to the Enfield factory in India with narration courtesy of Robert Pirsig.

Chennai to Pondicherry: A Motorcycle Tour of Southern India from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.

Beaule on Dakar

Canadian Patrick Beule, did us all proud by finishing the Dakar Rally on two wheels this year. Check out this interview with Beaule, courtesy of the Globe and Mail.

Let’s see what you could have watched

If you live in the UK that is. TT Legends is a new eight-part documentary, to be broadcast on Britain’s ITV4, as it  follows a team of legendary motorcycle racers. Wow, sounds great, if you live in the UK. Time to fire up torrents …

Cafe Racer aka 1968

Bit bizarre this one, but if you were born just post the Jurassic period, then you might relate to this.

Dumping the kid

One of the beauties of motorcycles is that they can get going quick. Trouble is if you have your kid on the back, a twist of the throttle may seem him on the asphalt. Check out this theory in practice, but the dumping is only part of the story. The kid doesn’t sit around for long on the highway.


  1. Bad Parenting: Welcome to Japan! It’s bad enough that the kid fell off the back, but the rider was absolutely oblivious to the fact. Scary to think that happened about 20 km from where I live.

  2. Re.: TT Legends. “Porridge”? That brought back many awful memories. Brown sugar or honey could not cure that fiasco. Repressed up-bringing was re-newed with that vid. Thanks. Where is my gun, and one bullet?

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