Yamaha SR400 Aniversary Edition

Riders seem to be in love with the SR400's classic lines, but the price tag might be too high for this market.
Will Yamaha's lovely SR come back to North America?
Will Yamaha’s lovely SR come back to North America?

Yamaha have released a Japan-only 35th Anniversary Edition of the SR400.


The SR kicked off in 1978 in 500 cc form, and sold internationally until Yamaha eventually ceased production in 1999. However, it lived on in Japan, albeit cut down to 400 cc  with a reduction in stroke to satisfy Japanese stepped licencing requirements.

Production eventually ceased in 2008 due to emission regs but it reappeared in 2010 fitted with fuel injection. Despite this nod to modern technology, the SR400 is still a simple kick-start only machine with few changes in its 35 year history.

The 35th Anniversary Edition comes with gold Yamaha graphics, white striping with leaf green metallic paint and a two tone tan seat. Production will be limited to 1000 machines and yes, sadly they will only be available to the Japanese market as of February 14th. Yes, that is Valentines day.


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  1. How hard would it be to import a new SR400 into Canada? I had a quick look at the Transport Canada site and the permission to import listing says all Yamahas can be imported.

    • It’s a pain, but do-able. I think you have to go through a customs broker (ie. borderbuddy.com) now because of some new U.S. mandated Automated Export System (AES). The real problem is the exchange rate at the moment. Just guesstimating but with brokerage fees, Registrar of Imported Vehicle (RIV) fee, export duty (I think on Japanese goods = 6%), exchange, etc., that US$5990 is going to be well north of $8K by the time you get it here. Nice bike but it’s not worth anywhere near that.

  2. So are the SR400’s not available anywhere in Canada??
    If so, please someone please post a link where in Ontario i can get one PLEASE!!!
    It’s a sweet looking bike man!
    Thanks in advance.

    • “So are the SR400′s not available anywhere in Canada??”

      The anniversary edition is a Japan-only model. Small- to mid-displacement thumpers continue to sell well here in Japan due to the tiered licensing system.

  3. I know everyone says this, but I would buy this bike if it came to Canada. Simple, beautiful, light and all the power I need. Fingers crossed.

  4. Lots of 650 vstars and 750 shadows around for 5K. Honda is getting the message with the new 500s.
    Yamaha could not sell wr250x”s with counterbalancers, fi, and liquid cooling. The 400 is nice but not in a way that anyone is going to shell out for.

    • It would definitely be price sensitive, but I think a 500 version that came in at a little less than the new Honda 500s would have a fighting chance of selling. I know I’d be on the blower with Yamaha for a long termer at least! 🙂

  5. Beautiful! This is everything I want in a motorcycle, looks-wise. Make it a 750cc or 1,000cc and bring it over here, and they’d sell 1000 of these machines in one day. Please Yamaha, please!

  6. Owned a 78 SR500 that to this day I regret selling? Plan on keeping my SRX till I no longer have the energy to prod it to life.

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