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Put a lid on it

OK, OK, he’ll wear it if he has to.

Don’t you just hate it when The Man makes you wear a motorcycle helmet? Actually, we’re just fine with that at CMG, but not everybody feels that way. In some countries, even The Man himself has a problem with it.

For example, look at the city of Bacolod in the Philippines. Apparently, the cops there don’t like wearing their mandated helmets when they’re riding motorcycles. It’s become so much of a problem that a police bigwig is taking action. He’s asking members of the public who spot a cop riding around helmetless (on-duty or off, apparently) to snap a photo or take a video of the miscreant, so they can be charged. Sounds like it’ time for some Photoshop fun …

Story source: Sun Star

Off he goes

Fact: You’re likely going to drop your first motorcycle somehow.

Slow-mo show

Here’s a surreal look at some Californian bike crashes. It’s an eerie descent into motorcycle carnage!

Battery power

Tour China on a battery-powered scooter? It’s not an adventure rider’s dream, but at least it’s eco-friendly – except for those toxic batteries that are headed for the landfill.

Have you ever wanted to tour Beijing on a scooter, but felt guilty about releasing all that carbon into the atmosphere?

Well, now’s your chance to achieve that dream, without any guilty qualms about the environment. A Canadian-owned company (Beijing Electric Bike Tours) is offering customers a chance to tour the Chinese city on electric scooters, saying it will give you the chance to experience life as a local … except for the fifty-cents-a-week wage, of course.

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