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Hip to be square Ride a Moto Guzzi

With new music playlists and photo adverts like this, Moto Guzzi hopes we’ll think hip young people are riding their bikes, instead of bearded, flannel-shirt-clad, Birkenstocks-with-socks-wearing old guys in Aerostich suits.

So you’ve bought a Moto Guzzi, but the sound of that lovely transverse V-twin isn’t enough music for your ears – you want something for your iPod that defines you as a Guzzi rider.

Yeah, we thought that scenario sounded ridiculous too, but Moto Guzzi thinks it’s feasible. So, through the month of December, they’re releasing playlists in conjunction with Warner Bros. Records, to help get your motor runnin’, and all that. You can check out the playlists here.

And what artists would Guzzi riders listen to? Apparently, they’re supposed to listen to Atlas Genius, The Black Keys, HelenaLP, and some other bands we’ve heard of, but mostly ones we haven’t. Apparently, CMG is not hip to the music of Da Yoof (as Ali G would put it).

Speed bump blues

It’s got to be every motorcycle cop’s dream – to lead a presidential cavalcade down the street, astride your gleaming motorcycle. That dream can turn sour pretty quick when you add a speed bump to the equation.

All fired up

What’s better than a single-cylinder Royal Enfield? The obvious sarcastic answer is, just about any machine with technology that’s not rooted in the ’50s (just kidding – it’s actually pretty cool to see how Royal Enfield has mated modern tech like EFI with their classic machines).

The other answer? What about a DIY V-twin motorcycle that’s based on two Royal Enfield 500 cc motors, combined to make the machine seen below?

Phone your bike

For those times when you need to recover your bike, but you left your .44 magnum at home.

Bike theft is a big problem in Vietnam, a country with 33 million motorcycles. In fact, it’s such a big problem that Ho Chi Minh’s police chief has offered a reward (about $250) to citizens who help thwart bike thefts.

But what if you don’t feel like going all Charles Bronson on the no-goodniks who stole your bike? There’s a safer option now – you can send your bike a text message. With the $75 S-Bike device, you simply send an SMS, and you can trigger an alarm on the bike, turn off its motor or get its GPS co-ordinates, with a Google Maps link. That’s a lot easier than carrying your trusty thief-blasting shotgun with you everywhere you go.

Story source: Tech in Asia


      • I’m getting old … the new Guzzi’s ain’t like the old Guzzi’s and this concept does indeed reinforce the divide … However life goes on and I look forward to future adventures which will be, at least partially, electric in drive.

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