Husqvarna race parts available

Forget those big-bore BMW-powered Husqvarnas; it seems the new owner wants to return to dirt-oriented machines like the TE449.
If you want to take your TE449 into competition, you can buy a factory race kit for the bike now.

In case you want to hot-rod your Husqvarna enduro, there are race kits available for several of the company’s models now.

Husqvarna’s not exactly a huge name in Canada right now; since their distributor went belly-up, parent company BMW has taken over responsibility for the brand here, but they’ve got some rebuilding to do.

As a result, we’re not exactly sure what the status of the company’s TE lineup is. Before the distributor went bankrupt, the TE250, TE310, TE449 and TE511 bikes were imported as street-legal. They might not be anymore.

In any case, the enduro models now have a race kit available for them which includes an aluminum skid plate, footpegs and tank filler cap machined from billet Ergal, and some white plastic bodywork. The TE250 and TE310 kits also come with a double mapping switch for the ECU and a titanium-and-carbon-fibre exhaust silencer.

There are also race kits available for several of Husqvarna’s motocross models as well.

Husqvarna says buyers will save 20 per cent on the cost of the components when they buy the kit from a dealer, when compared to the cost of buying them individually.


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